Placemats Classic Luxe Faux Leather & Copper – Black Onyx

Placemats Classic Luxe Faux Leather & Copper

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Via Deco Rectangular Placemats. Eco-Friendly Design. Classic Double Seam Faux Leather & Copper, for Dining & Kitchen Table, Easy to Clean and Store – 16.5” x 12.5”.
Our traditional line of placemat can be used on any occasion. With stitches on the edge for more support, cardboard wrapped with fine faux leather and back non-woven material. The dining table will show elegance and sophistication.
With advanced technology, we manufacture a beautiful, unique product using clean energy and low levels of water consumption.
We also recycle all of our production waste and use high quality phthalate-free raw material specially formulated for food contact. During the extrusion process, we add copper nanoparticles that prevent the spread of viral and bacterial diseases, protecting your table and food with style and color.