“Calling all 19th-century Spanish-inspired design enthusiasts! If you’re drawn to the intricate patterns and natural motifs found in Spanish tiles and ceramics| this collection is a dream come true. Seamlessly combined with the modern-day flexibility and durability of high-quality printed vinyl| this collection is a harmonious marriage of old-world charm and contemporary practicality.

Within our Tile Collection| you’ll find 17 designs| each one full of color| elegance and poise.
-Material: 100% recyclable vinyl.
-Thickness: 3 mm.
-Easy to clean.
-Coated with copper nanoparticles for antimicrobial properties.
-Printed with cutting-edge technology.
-Anti-slip treatment.
-Suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.
-No installation required.
-Certified under Microbial Limited Test ISO 846-1997 method C.
-You can easily clean it with just a damp cloth or mop using water and a small amount of a delicate soap. (Do not bleach).
-Measurements: Available in 7 measures.”

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